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The Ghost Child

Everything has a energy signature, my ability is feeling and sometimes seeing this energy, labeled in the early 1980's, a Psi sensitive (a Clairvoyant). The focus of this psychic is, extrasensory perceptions having to do with detection and sensing of the supernatural and paranormal. They are the most likely to see a ghost, or feel their presence.

It started with the client hearing a door open and close (it was the only info given to me), so they were not sure if it was a ghost or not. My first job is a walk through of the house, to verify if it is a ghost. I don't waste my teams time and work on non hauntings. While in the dining room, looking through the glass door outside, I saw a little boy between 7 and 10 years old in the back yard peeking at us from behind a tree, he looked to be from the 1700's judging by his clothes and happy, smiling shyly at me. I know it's a ghost because they are always black and white, no color. I bring another team member to hold a voice recorder to record what I see and feel and to pick up any messages from the dead.

Upstairs in a small guest bedroom, I called it the nightmare room. In a hobby room, there was a 2 ft boy doll. I have to admit, I couldn't believe it. As I stared at the doll, the words blurted out "the doll looks just like the little boy". My client almost fainted, she started crying and ran downstairs (listening to the voice recorder later, I could hear the fear in her voice as she broke down). We had no idea what happened. Found her crying on her husbands shoulder saying over and over, "she is for real, she is for real".

After calming her down, she explained that there was a cemetery in the back yard of their neighbor and it is from the 1700's to the early 1800's. It was found when the house was built, it is not listed in any records. a lost cemetery. Second, when moved into the house, none of the kids could sleep in the small room upstairs, they kept having night terrors, it was the room I called the nightmare room. Third, for some reason she could not explain, she bought the doll a few months back. It used to sit on a shelf but she caught its eyes following her one day and she moved it to the bed so it could stare at the ceiling. Her 30 yr old son who lives out of town was visiting and when he saw the doll, he told her that it looked just like the little boy he saw as a kid peeking at him from around the corner down the hall (he had told her about it when it happened, he was 8 years old then, scared him to death). Client said when I said the little boy was peeking at us, it gave her chills using the same words her son had said years ago. And then repeating her sons words about the doll, she said there was no way I could have known. I did not know the family, the son had told only his mom and dad, they told no one.

With the clients permission, we helped the little boy move to the light. Cross's appeared in chalk on the fireplace mantel afterwards and bright orbs were seen, the husband who did not believe in ghosts had to admit it was weird. The door never opened and closed on its own again. There were 2 adult male ghosts but I think they were drawn to me, I can only hope they moved on. I saw the shadow man on my first walk through, he was on the edge of my sight, could not make out any details, he did not want me to see him. He was the one causing nightmares. When a ghost feeds too much, even though you are asleep, you unconscious mind knows a parasite is upon you and tries to wake you with the dreams. It works, waking up screaming. I had decided not to tell the clients of the shadow man because of her anxiety level. The bedroom was used so rarely, it is his only place of power. Once it was all done, her anxiety and fear were gone, she is so happy.

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