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Based on a investigation in Lynchburg, VA.

A case of two young brothers sharing a bedroom who were being terrified by something during the night. Because of their age, interviewing them brought very little results. Only that they were scared by the spider webs, enough to send them screaming from their room in the middle of the night, freaking the parents. I had scoped the house and property earlier but had read nothing, no ghosts. I had to spend several nights before...........

The music woke me, a lone piano playing a sad tune. 3:17 am. I could not find the source. Stepping into the hallway, I could not hear it but back in the room, the music played. And like that, there were bright white spider webs everywhere and I mean everywhere. I could even see strands dangling from the ceiling. I found my self ducking away from the webs. I did not want any of it touching me. I wasn't scared, just, Ewwww. Not paying attention, I almost ran into two dark figures carrying something big between them as they made their way across the room. While all of this is going down, my radar was still telling me nothing was there and I was mentally screaming at it, "What! Are you blind"? As they walked past me, their features were too blurry to make out any details. And snap, it all vanished, disappeared. 3:19 am. What just happened?

It's all about investigating. First, I could not feel the ghosts and they did not pay me any mind. Second, I have an old house that has to have some history. You have to want to do this, to want to help because it takes many many hours to research and research some more. Found out the home had been a part time funeral home once upon a time. Part time? And had been empty for several years before the family bought it. I'm sure they got a deal.

Using what my abilities picked up or in this case not pick up, I engaged other hunters who had cases with similar stories. Interviewing the children after learning what I did made sense now. The children and I had watched a movie. The house recorded the event of a funeral and the music from it and was stuck in rerun mode. And the spider webs, the house recorded those too from when it had been empty. How? No idea. I try not to go that far out. After explaining it to the parents, they moved the children out of the room and use it as storage now. Problem solved.

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