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1987 Case

The operator answered the call at 3:31 am, “911”. A frightened sounding, softly sobbing woman in a voice barely above a whisper begged, “Help. He’s here looking for me. Please help me now”. “We can send help but I need your address”. The woman gave it to her before hanging up. The operator tried calling back but only got an automatic message stating the call could not be completed. She sent a patrol car to the location.

The police parked on the street to find an abandoned house on the verge of collapse at the address. No electricity and no one inside. After checking with a neighbor, learned the house had been empty for years. They left convinced it was a prank.

The next night at 2 am, a 911 operator received another phone call from the same woman. She was franticly begging for help. Kept stating he was looking for her and just like the other night, she hung up before any additional information could be obtained. Dispatch sent another patrol car to the location but they could not find anyone in the house or in the yard.

The next 5 nights, 911 received 2 more phone calls from the same woman using the same number. The police had had enough and decided to find the pranksters. They tracked the number with the phone company and found out it did once belong to the address but had been turned off years ago, the number had never been recycled. It deepened the mystery of who was making the calls and how.

The police contacted the owner, an older man who lived outside of town. He knew nothing about any 911 calls coming from his place, obviously angry about anyone being inside his house. Staking out the house was the next step. That night at 3:30 am, an officer watched as the owner drove up with the cars headlights off, pull in the driveway before walking in the house as if he did not want anyone to see him. A few minutes later, 911 operations called informing him a call had just been received from that location. The officer waited, and an hour later, the owner left.

The next week, the police watched as the owner came back 3 times, sometimes with tools like hammers, shovels, and crowbars, always between 2 am and 3:30 am. What was he doing in the house so late at night with no light? The investigation showed the calls came whenever he visited the house. One night, after he arrived, the officers decide to take a look around the house. Hearing bangs and grunts, they knocked on the back door. No answer, the banging and grunts continued. Fearing the home owner may be hurt, they came in. Following the noises, they found him tearing a section of wall down in what was once a dining room. Catching him totally by surprise, the owner was shocked, holding a hammer in midair. “Is everything alright sir”? one of the officers asked. The owner got irate insisting they leave at once. As they asked him questions as to why he was here in the dark remodeling, the more irate he got. One of the officers shined his flashlight toward the wall that had been torn open and on closer inspection, saw what looked like a woman’s remains. A phone cord was wrapped around her neck with a rotary phone dangling against her chest. They arrested him on the spot.

Medical examiner said she had been strangled, and tests showed it was the home owner’s wife who had disappeared 40 years earlier (cold case). He was charged with her murder. During his interview, the police learned because he was selling the house, he needed to move the body. It explained why he was there so late at night. Every night he came to work on the wall, his wife called for help. Do the police involved in the case believe a ghost was making the 911 calls? Lets just say the information was not put in the file. They encounter more paranormal case’s than most people know.

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