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The Soul Eater

Everything in this universe has a beginning. Like all living things, he died……The idea of leaving it all behind for a new life was unacceptable, for he ruled believing himself a God and was not letting any of it go.

A soul needs a body to live in this physical world and there is only one way, to be born again into a new life by going through the light and moving into heaven. He refuse’s, not willing to give up the life he had. Sent to Hell, he swoops in like a starving vampire, draining thousands of souls into extinction. The Soul Eater is born. It keeps him strong, but not strong enough to punch his way out and he wants out bad. I have to ask at this point, “Hey stupid, what are you going to do? Rule as a ghost where 99% of the population cannot see you?” I don’t know how it figured it out, but it drained so much energy from the souls, it was able to punch a hole to our world where the walls are weak at times and take ghosts for their energy/soul. But it is not enough, it needs a living person.

Living peoples energy is stronger, a source that will last a long time because we can generate new energy with our bodies. This is why ghosts need energy, w/out a body, no way to regenerate their own energy, and what they have is seeping out, slowly dying.

I don’t know how long it has been going on but sometime in the past, the Soul Eater became strong enough to snatch a child to its realm, molding it to what it saw humans as, ugly little creatures here for its existence only. This enabled the child to live in its realm. This thing was his savior. It protects him because a live human attracts a lot of attention, the spirits there were drawn to him because they are starving. The child has lost everything that was good, sweet, kind, appealing, his world is gone. The child does not know he is being used, the Soul Eater is feeding off of him, slowly killing him. When a soul is drained this way, there is nothing left to be reborn, the essence of life is gone. How many children over the years? Enough to have several with him at one time now. One group’s investigation into these creatures caught one creature speaking English on a recorder while the Soul Eater spoke an unknown language. They did not question why 2 different languages. I knew deep in my heart the reason the creatures spoke modern English was because they were recent additions. He has to keep replenishing his food source of course.

The Soul Eater hopes one day to have enough energy to come back here. To rule as an evil God forever, as long as there are people to replenish his energy. Heavy sigh and roll of the eyes, I guess everyone has a dream. He will never succeed but still he has to be stopped from taking any more children and the ones in his grasp saved. It’s hard to look at these creatures and see children, but that is actually what they are, children.

How do I know all this? The Soul Eater and I became enemies when I was a child. It made the mistake of trying to take my twin sister. The damn house was haunted to begin with, used to be part of a mausoleum. It was a dilemma, a female ghost saved my life which enabled me to save my sisters life. The ghost did not say I was going to die, her exact words were, “If you do not scream now, you will be gone forever.” Gone forever did not sound good. But once we got away from the monster and tried to leave the room, a blanket of white mist covered the doorway, trying to keep us in. Only ghosts were white mist. So a ghost saved us but some tried to keep us in the room. Total confusion and fear. My sister had a melt down. No one believed us about the white mist which we later learned were ghosts, the creatures were called our imaginary friends. How were we going to explain this? Her melt down kept us from having to ever spend the night in that house again. Anytime anyone asked her what happened, she start freaking and all she would say was that I saved her life. 3 months later, mom and dad bought a house we could live in, no ghosts.

I was pissed for what the Soul Eater had tried to do, I was pissed at my parents and grandparents for not believing me. My sister was so scared, she refused to see the ghosts anymore, the paranormal does not exist for her. She drives the long way around so she does not have to drive anywhere near our old house so memories will not come flooding back. And here I am the complete opposite. I vowed when I grew up, I was going to prove the Soul Eater was real and save any lost children. I wrote my book “The Make Believe in the Boogeyman Chronicles” for kids and adults in the same situation, it teaches how to protect yourself and your children. Every paranormal experience in the book is real no matter how unreal it reads. Good luck!

**Note**During the research and interviewing for my book, it scared me to learn how many kids ended up “missing” from bedrooms after reporting a monster under the bed/closet and I had only touched the surface.

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