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Proof Haunting Service


If you just want proof your house is haunted. Prove to family and friends it is not your imagination or for yourself, we can try to do that. We will investigate, research and hopefully get the evidence you are looking for in photographs and/or voice recordings.

Looking for a new home and want to make sure it is not haunted?  Or having experiences with your current home or business?  Please feel free to e-mail

Unwanted Spirits Haunting Service


If you want the ghost out of your house, friendly or not. These are spirits who should have moved on to the light but did not. Some get lost, some are afraid, some are stubborn, etc... We try to help guide these lost souls to the light so they can move on.

Cleansing Haunting Service

No one should be afraid in their own home from the paranormal.  If you are scared, we will stand with you and try to help.  We will track it to discover what we are up against and come up with a plan to action.

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