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   Who We Are and Why We Can Help

Being haunted?  In the world of the unknown, you are not alone.  We are your Paranormal Troubleshooters.


One of the unique parts of our team is how we help.  We don't go tramping through your home, keeping you up most of the night just to tell you that your house is haunted.  You KNOW that.  We investigate, research, help spirits find their way to the light and do a cleansing of your home if needed.  


Our group consists of PSI (SY) Sensitive's.  People who have the ability to perceive the Supernatural.  We believe in ghosts because of these abilities.  Having experiences going back to childhood for some of the team have given us many insights.  Pulling our talents together has made us a force of light to be reckoned with and we usually can produce evidence and results.  


Our Team

Founder Gaylen Chauncey, is an author of ghost stories based on her real life experiences.  "The Make Believe In The Boogeyman Chronicles",  novel is based on her monster encounters.  Tour guide at the haunted St. Albans Sanatorium.  She has been interviewed by TV/Radio/Internet Shows/News, with articles and pictures featured in Paranormal magazines/TV.  Has appeared in job fairs at schools and Ghost Conferences on Paranormal Investigating/Writer and has been the subject of college papers on the Supernatural/Paranormal.  Titled as an Aura Reader-ability to read the energy of a ghost and clairseeing (seeing spirits), it is why she goes first into any haunted place.  She also uses ability to help ghosts move to the light.  Researcher into the anything paranormal, and a Field Invesitgator for SML MUFON.  Runs the "Spirits of Christmas" toy run for homeless children each year.


Monica Bonds is our tech support.  Having experienced the paranormal that had no earthly explanation made her want to learn more.  She is a researcher into the paranormal of each case.  Also is currently working on a supernatural romance novel. 


Libby Carden is a Medium.  Communication is a key that may help us resolve the issue that's keeping the spirit here on earth.  She can see Orbs, making her a spirit photographer too. 


Lori Barrett is a field investigator and researcher.  Never had a paranormal experience but wants it and evidence to prove what she believes.  She really likes the idea of helping lost souls and those being haunted.


Mike Murphey is the cameraman who video documents the investigations.  Having experienced scary ghosts over the years, he does this to learn not to fear them .  Also a computer tech guru and excellent researcher. 


Tricia Mazza is a field investigator.  She is Clairvoyant-knows things from the past about a place or object, Clairsentience-abilty to read emotions from spirits/ghosts and Clairseeing.  Works with Gaylen on a first walk through of a place to identify the type of spirit haunting itResearcher into the paranormal history of each case.

Eric is a field investigator and researcher.  Interested in the paranormal because he grew up in a haunted house. 


Bill is our mule.  He carries equipment and follows us with the video camera during an investgation when needed.  Being spooked a couple of times by video/audio evidence and encounters, he believes now.




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