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The Gooey Stuff

An experience by Gaylen

My husband learned early on that “weird” stuff happens around me. He was impressed if not a little scared. We only been married a year when we bought our first fixer upper house. He worked days and I worked 2nd and 3rd shifts so Sundays was the only day we saw each other enough to have a conversation that didn’t involve note passing as if still in school.

In the dining room, we had put shelves on the back wall that held our wine glasses. Every couple of days, on this one glass, it would be covered by this clear gooey stuff. I thought at first it was dripping from the ceiling, being the only glass covered but it was not. I wash it, put it back and a couple of days later, it was covered again. I was irate at Bill, he had to be doing it.

On one of our Sundays, I told him off. The look on his face, I could tell he was a little weirded out, because he thought I had been getting the glass dirty. He had noticed it too and had been cleaning it every few days but would forget to ask me about it. Now it had my attention. We waited a couple of days and was not disappointed, the glass was covered once again. Studying it, I was fascinated because I had never seen ectoplasm before. I had put a sample of it in a glass vial but after a few days, it turned into fine white dust before evaporating. Who was it coming from?

Having the ability to read the energy of spirits, I could feel nothing negative in our home. Whoever it is was keeping it on the low down, enough so where I could not detect it. Only thing I picked up was it was female. After that, she tried only once to reach out to me. I am not a medium, I lack the ability to communicate with ghosts which is why I rely on voice recorders. So when she spoke to me, I was scrambling for a way out knowing someone had to have broken in and was in the dark living room with me. It was the ghost. Like I said, not used to ghosts talking to me.

So what had changed to make the ghost start trying to get our attention? We lived there over a year with no occurrences and no remolding as of yet. The shelves on the wall had been the only change. We moved the shelves from the dining room to the kitchen and after that, the glass remained clean. She never let herself be known again.

A couple of years later, we knocked down that wall in the dining room. Built in the 1940’s, it was made out of concrete and metal mesh, a pain to tear down. Bill was the one to found it, a beautiful handmade wooden box with a symbol on top, (the box had been put in while the wall was being built since it was found inside the mesh). The design is a circle, almost like a maze. I have tried to look it up to find its meaning but to this day, keep coming up empty handed. The lock was like nothing we have seen before either. The key was found next to it. It is more like miniature metal tongs than a key. It took several minutes to figure how to unlock it.

Like the box, the contents inside remain a mystery to this day too. Inside were old newspaper clippings about missing young people from around the area. Couples would disappear out on a date and a few days later, one or both would be found in the woods dazed. No explanation of what happened to them, at least none that they were sharing. One clipping was of a high school couple that went to the movies and disappeared but only the girl (Lucinda) was recovered, found at Mill Mountain three days later. Said she could not remember what happened, only that she had been picked up at her house by her boyfriend, Beau then nothing till she was found. The town was still scouring the woods looking for him. The punch in the stomach was the address listed for her was the same as our address. Whoa, now that is weird. What happened to her and her boyfriend?

I did a little research at the time, this was before the internet. Going through old newspapers at the main library on microfiche took time. I found a few articles on missing people back in the 1940’s, even the one on Lucinda. All those missing kids was unusual at the time and from what I read, it seemed like the cops had no clue for a suspect. Beau was never found, he like the others were declared dead after seven years. Still a mystery.

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