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Best to use the YouTube links to hear sound at correct volume

Using a spirits own words to help prove they exist

The Haunted Exchange Hotel.  Many souls have passed thru its doors and some stayed after death

Haunted Avenel Home.  Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and video of a spirit .  Wow to watch on full screen

Ghosts of the St Albans Sanatorium.

TAP, TAP, TAP.  Can you hear me now?

EVPs captured on a tape recorder from The Haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium a few years back.  Excuse the white noise

A visit back to Waverly Hills a few years later using a digital recorder.

Like Ghost Stories?  Like hearing about True Paranormal Encounters? Check out my YouTube Channel

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Using the YouTube links allows you to hear at correct volume.

A tour of a haunted abandoned house in Va. 

TV show Inside The Paranormal Virginia with Gaylen

Radio interview with Gaylen by the paranormal magazine The Nightwatchman Chronicles

EVP's from my childhood haunted home.  Because they are from my video camera, have to use the YouTube link to hear them. 

WDBJ 7 Interview on my book, "The Make Believe in the BOOgeyman Chronicles" and Halloween

EVP's from haunted Avenel Home in Bedford, Va. 

Radio interview with Medium Tracey.  Her goal is to communicate with the ghosts/spirits.  My goal is to get evidence the spirit was really with us. Great team work.

Investigation into haunted woods.  

EVP's captured from a private home paranormal investigation.  

Mount Shasta, Ca. The Skyfish/Rod phenomenon.  Is it real or paranormal?   

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