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The Little Ones

Based on personal experiences, investigations, and research

He takes them, giving them new life

Using them, he feeds off their life

They were little, 10 inches high maybe. Played with my toys, played with me. Acted like they were around my age, 10 years old. They were different than the ghosts, solid and weird looking. I had no reference to compare, I had never seen anything like them, but they were nice. One liked my big doll house a lot.

One night, all that changed. One of the little ones woke me, whispering in my ear, “He’s coming”. I stared at it and saw fear. It dove under the bed. Sitting up, still half asleep and wondering who “He” was, an unknown feeling came to me, (later I was to learn it was fear). Looking around and trying to locate the source in the dark, this black shape came out from the foot of the bed so fast, it was in my face before I knew it. To be frank, it looked like a giant bird, with a long beak. It was mad. I might have been scared if it yelled at me in a language I could understand. It was transparent and putting off heat. I was just dumbfounded, had no idea how to react to it.

It swoops off the bed and my foot is grabbed, I am being pulled off the bed. Grabbing the blankets, I try to hold on. Hitting the floor hard, a blinding bright light comes from under the bed. Being pulled in that direction, I hold on to the bedframe. Something has its hand around my ankle, I kick but it won’t let go. The little ones are around the bed, looking frozen in their tracks.

The bedroom door opens and the room is flooded with light, my foot is released. It was bad enough explaining ghosts to my parents, I did not do much better with this encounter. My biggest argument was the little ones were physical and seemed like children so they couldn’t have been ghosts. So frustrated and with my world being rocked, I vowed when older, I was going to prove they were real.

I spent years investigating ghosts, but I am searching for the little ones. I did research on missing children who claimed there was a “Monster” in the closet, under the bed. It was scary to find how many went missing from a locked room, no way out. It prompted me write my first book, “The Make Believe”, as a manual for kids on how to deal with something that is not supposed to be real, no one believes you but the danger is very real.

Now here comes the real scary part and reason I ghost hunt. The little ones are some of the missing children. That bird like spirit, it punches a hole and grabs a child, takes a physical being to its energy world. He changes them, molds them, uses them and at the same time, feeds off of them. It must replenish its ranks so to speak from time to time. Because it is feeding off their energy, the spirit will die, never to be reborn. These children are brainwashed and scared, they follow him. They need to be rescued and given a chance to go through the light like everybody else. It is a very very terrible thing that has happened to them but we have to remember, they are children (no matter what they look like) and need help in being pointed to the right light. Helping these children get away from this “Thing” is my way of hurting it. Every little one I save, makes it weaker. I look for these types of “hauntings”.

He takes them, giving them new life

Using them, he feeds off their life


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