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Spirit Of The House Part 1

A Ghost Story

Part 1

I was invited to a 3 night investigation into a home build in the 1800’s with others from different ghost hunting groups. The home had a bit of a nasty reputation. Besides rumored to be haunted, apparently the previous owners had a habit of dying young. Each one, heart attacks between the ages of 50 and 60 years old and all had been in good health. Taking John, my voice electronics expert, we set out for a supernatural adventure. The house sat on 800 acers of horse land which landed it in the middle of nowhere (Of course). Pulling up and parking in front, it seemed smaller than I had imagined, judging it around 1600 square feet. Made of brick and wood that needed a paint job badly, it had that worn down look. Seemed a little fuzzy too, like it was slightly out of focus with its surroundings. I have this uneasy feeling staring at it. Getting out of the car with our equipment and moving toward the front door, I had to squash the feeling to run the other way. A low buzzing in my head started. “It’s haunted, no need to go inside”, I say.

John gives me a look, “We have to at least go in”. And then he dares to knock on the door. Before I could open my mouth to protest more, the front door opens.

A man in his early 20’s says in a friendly tone, “Ahhh, our last guests, John and Gaylen. Am I right”?

John nods his head, “That would be us”. Opening the door wider to let us in, he offers, “I’m David, welcome”.

As we enter a small foyer, I feel this strong static energy surrounding me, coming from all directions. It's trying to penetrate my walls, I can’t get away from it and it feels as if I’m drowning. I try to get grounded but cannot reach the earths energy. The buzzing in my head is getting louder. I take deep calming breaths as David leads us into a living room making introductions to four others. He grabs the hand of a cute young girl who was giving off that hippie vibe (We love the power of the flower), “And Iliza here will be our medium during the investigation,” he said.

“You are a Geomancer”? She asks me. I give her a friendly smile, “It’s what I’ve been labeled”.

George, the tech manager comes over, “So you can sense ghosts”?

I shake my head no, “I feel energy and ghosts are a form of energy. Can sometimes see it too. David, do you mind if John and I do a walk through now”?

The group did not hide their surprise at my request. I wasn’t wasting time. “Of course”, he answers.

John and I go from room to room. I am feeling the energy while he uses a voice recorder. I had a camera and was ready to use it if I saw something. The energy never wavered as we made our way around, it was the whole house. Even though I could feel it, I couldn’t see it. I am not liking it, something is off in a bad way. After an hour or so, we make our way back to the living room where all were waiting on us. “Iliza, would you mind trying to make contact “? I ask. I needed answers now, I was afraid later would be too late.

She glanced over at David who nodded his approval. “If you wish”, she said. She lit candles in a circle around her as she sat cross leg on the floor. We sat in chairs around the circle. After saying a prayer, she went into her ritual of trying to make contact with the spirits of the house. This went on for several minutes with Iliza once again introducing herself, “I am…..”. Then she stopped in mid-sentence. We all stare, waiting for her to go on. Before anyone could ask her something, a deeply accented female Latino voice says, “Courtina”. We all jump a few inches’ giving each other startled looks.

“Iliza”? David asks uncertainly. “I am Courtina”, answers the same Latino voice. David and the others are visibly excited while I go on red alert. If I’m reading the energy projecting from her correctly, then it’s hungry. Closest word I have to describe it. I squash the feeling to run again. I reach out, trying to read more.

David moves in front of Iliza excited. “Courtina, can you tell us why you are here”?

“I am here”, the same voice says. We all jump again.

Another member of the group Brian says to her, "Courtina, you know this is no longer your home”.

Iliza looks directly at Brian giving him a defiant look, “I am my home”.

“Courtina, you are deceased, your life is no longer here”, David tells her.

“I am here,” she repeats with anger in her words.

George huffed, “What does she mean? Gives me the creeps when she says that”. He got out of the chair and moved away from the group.

“George,” David hissed his disproval. “Courtina, how can we help you”?

Iliza gives David a cat got the canary smile and I could tell by the look on his face he was a little taken aback by it. “You are here”.

“Creepy I tell you”, George says from across the room.

“Be quiet George,” Brian snaps at him.

Iliza suddenly let out a blood curdling scream. We all jumped out of our chairs. The lights flickered for a few seconds. I went over to her, asking in concern, “Are you alright”? She gives me a weak smile. Her face is very pale and I feel her energy has been drained. Whoever she had been channeling was gone. John helped me get her up off the floor and onto the couch. I go and fetch her a bottled water from my bag while David looked over his equipment. He and his team seemed more concerned about getting evidence than Iliza’s wellbeing. Several minutes later, David came to sit next to her, holding her hand. “What was that scream about Iliza”? He questioned politely.

“I don’t know for sure”. Obviously still shaken by the experience, she continues in a quiet voice, “It’s hard to explain. There was this predatory energy engulfing me. It felt like I was drowning”.

A cold wave passed through me, icing my blood and I know the color drained from my face. John was beside me in seconds. “What is it? What’s wrong”? He asks in a worried tone.

“I don’t know”, I reply in a daze. My brain is working on connecting the dots.

Stay Tune for Part 2


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