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The Dark Ones

This story won 1st place in a Ghost story contest with "Tell me Your Ghost Story"

Based on a Investigation in Roanoke, VA. 1999

Something was off. In the mornings, spilled coffee beans across the counter. Dirty dish’s moved out of the sink and placed on tables, and counters. Plants moved a few inches out of their spots. Once, a gallon of milk was found empty, its jug in the middle of the kitchen floor. At first, the blame was put on each other, (husband David and wife Janet). Getting frustrated, David borrowed a video camera but never caught anything on film. The max the tape ran was 4 hours (1999).

Janet was the first to see the eyes in the dark. Opened the pantry in the hallway and screamed stating she saw two yellow eyes staring at her from the darkness but nothing was found. As the weeks went on, so did the strange occurrences. They both started witnessing shadows moving, most low to the floor. They even called in an exterminator thinking it was rats but no evidence was ever found. One evening, Janet went into the spare bedroom and as she turned on the light, she saw a shadow dive under the bed. Yelling for her husband, David came in with a broom. Apparently he was going to beat it to death, secured with the knowledge it was a rat. When he looked under the bed, it startled him to see 2 glowing yellow eyes staring back at him. He swears it wasn’t a rat. That scared him, he was now open to outside help.

Since the description got my attention, I was willing to take a look. My job is to verify there is a real haunting before an investigation by my team is performed. As I did a walk through the whole house and property, I felt nothing. What ever was going on was not a haunting. After talking to the family about what they had experienced, their emotions, and the energy being projected as they described what each believed they saw, I was in. It became exciting for me, because this is part of ghost hunting that I crave to learn more about. Life from the supernatural world.

Now that I knew it was not ghosts, I had to tell the Doe’s (not their real name) what it was. I call them the "Dark Ones", and there is a very good reason for the name. I was 12 years old when I first saw one, two sets of glowing yellow/green eyes watching me from inside my closet. So black are their bodies, they meld as one with the dark. You cannot see where one ends and the other begins. About 2 to 3 feet tall, 2 arms, 2 legs. A monkey is the closest animal I can compare it too. I had watched over the years and when they move, they are invisible. Which is why they can get by us and we do not see them. But they are only invisible when in movement. So if one of them pauses for a second, you can see the darkness of a leg or an arm, actually see it moving and shimmer as it disappears. Also travels in pairs, if there is one, there is another and maybe more. They will not come out of the dark into the light. I don’t think light hurts them, they just don’t trust us enough to show themselves.

Told the Doe’s that these are shy creatures, just curious about us and our environment. I had never had a negative experience, but advised against corning one. The Doe’s had lived in the house for years and never had issues with the supernatural before. I explained that sometimes the walls are weak between realms and they can come and go but the door was temporary, nature just sometimes gets screwy. I spent many evenings watching TV with the Doe’s wanting the Dark Ones to relax around me, see me as part of the environment. Tried my best to coax one to me and get pictures, but no such luck. The Doe’s were a little on edge, but had to live with it or move out until the door closed. They stayed and a few months later, it all stopped. The door had closed and to this day, the door stays closed. Where do the Dark Ones come from and what are they? No idea.

From the files of Gaylen Chauncey

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