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Haunted Pictures

Based on a investigation in Vinton, Va

A different case. There is a house haunted by a little girl that likes to be seen in a clever way. One day glancing at the family photos on the piano, the son noticed a little girl about eight he did not recognize standing with the family in one of the pictures. Odd, he asked his mother but when he showed her the photo, the little girl was gone. Over time, other family members would see her in the photos. A pattern emerged, a little girl was appearing and disappearing from different photos. The family was not scared, just freaked. I did my investigation and advised they had one stubborn little ghost on their hands and she was not going anywhere. Liking in here, she wanted to be part of the family and posing in the pictures was her way of doing it. Innocent. The family got used to it and she still jumps in and out of photos to this day.

Based on the files by Gaylen Chauncey

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