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The Deer Angel

Based on a personal experience

Pouring down rain, pitch dark because our street has no street lamps, and no speed limit out in the country. I'm going 40 mph, faster than I want but there is a vehicle behind me wanting to ride in my back seat. In an instant, all I see is light. No more road, trees, rain yet I am still driving. I look ahead and a large deer with magnificent antlers is in my way. As I come closer, he just stares at me, his head held high in pride. I'm thinking, get out of the way, but he does not move. In the second I had, a plan had to go into motion. I could not slam my brakes, Number one, a very slick road and most likely I will skid and run off it. Number two, the car behind me is too close and will run into the back of me. Unless the deer moved, we were going to hit. I did the only thing I could, tap my brakes to slow down and hope it will lessen the impact.

The light was gone and it was raining again. Before I could wrap my brain around what I had just seen, a small deer shot out of the woods in front of me. I hit my brakes hard. If I had not already been slowing down, we would have slid and hit her. I was like, Huh? Bill keeps telling me it was the wildest thing. He saw me focus on something on the road but he could not see anything and watched as I applied my brakes to slow down and then this deer runss out of the woods in front of us. To him whom has witnessed many a strange things around me, I knew the future. But it was not the case. If that deer had not shown himself, I would have never slowed down and we would have hit head on hard with the young deer. That deer saved the other deer, wow, just wow. Deer have angels too.

From the files of Gaylen Chauncey

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