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House of Haunts

I love a good haunted house! Everybody knows that about me. The Avenel House is one of which has always been interesting to me. Back when I was in high school I remember working an early shift on Saturday morning. I passed the house on the way into work and noticed that on the front lawn were huge chairs, at least 5 feet tall! It would take me a step stool and a ladder just to get up there! They were just sitting in the lawn, all around a large table to fit the gigantic size of the chairs. I was thinking maybe someone had built them outside for props or something, maybe for Halloween. After all, it was October. After about 30 minutes, my manager told me to take a break and I headed back that way to run by the store to pick up some snacks. All that furniture was gone! I know it would've taken at least 3 men to pick up just one of the chairs alone. There was nothing there, but the house and an empty lawn.

I'll have to go back there one day and investigate, but I couldn't figure it out. Very strange!

- Monica

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