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Fright Flight

Here it was the middle of March and freezing cold. It was my first time at St.Albans and my first time ghost hunting ever. I remember walking the outside of the building as the tour guide explained that our group would be in there all night. She described the history as we walked and I'll never forget the broken windows from the second and third floor. It looked like they were taunting me from way up there. Everyone says it, but it really did feel like I was being watched. Once inside, we prepared for the investigation. Me and my best friend were ready to explore the basement alone. We went down the steps and immediately lost light. It was colder downstairs than it was outside. The little light on his camera wasn't enough to see more than a yard in front of us. I could see something coming down the hallway. It was coming fast! I started to scramble around my bag for my flashlight. Just when I got it out and flicked it on, I see this big black bat flying right at my face! I must say, before I could even get to the ghosts, this winged creature had nearly gave me a heart attack. Out of all the EVPs and orbs, I must say that bat had me shaken up the most. St. Albans was fun to visit. If you go, just make sure you be alert when in the basement! That bat loves to greet people apparently!

- Monica

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