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Based on Investigations

I am a Ghost Hunter for a reason. It may be a little insane but I have total faith in what I believe in, total faith.

People in general are stubborn, a trait that makes us who we are. I do not hear ghosts. I rarely see them, let alone be lucky enough to get a picture. But I hear nothing, nothing. My ghost radar warns me of any presence and threat levels. So how does one talk a stubborn ghost into going to the light? Not easy. I never used voice recorders. Seeing was believing which is why I took pictures for evidence. But if a ghost did not talk to me, why would it through a recorder? I did not have much faith in them.

Went to Waverly Hills TB Hospital in Lexington, Ky taking along a voice recorder. 4 hours of recordings with over 35 voices from ghosts. To say I was stunned was an under statement, even I was having a hard time believing what I was hearing. Men, woman, children. Clear words, full sentences, a little girl asking me not to leave her. Alot asking for help. It tugged my heart. And on every floor and there are 5 had many ghosts saying, "Come on". It was hard to believe what I was hearing, suprised alot of us. There are many voices from ghosts in that place. And so creepy fun in the dark. A must visit.

From the files of Gaylen Chauncey

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