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The Hole In The Floor

Information based on a personal experience

The area on the floor in front of me rippled like a lake, fluid. "It was a hole!", my brain tried to register the information as the tug of war over my body continued. I had no fear, so fascinated by this hole. "It was impossible!", I kept telling myself. As my head and shoulders were pulled in, all of the air in my lungs were sucked out. An intense dry heat hit me hard and I was so heavy. No air, no air, I was suffocating. My hands gripped the edges of the hole trying to pull myself up but the invisible sheer force was pulling me in. My eyes frantically looked around for help. Red, everything was different shades of red. A town below, looking like one of those movie set fake towns. I saw people floating up to me. As they got closer, I could see they were just shadows, glowing a very pale of light. I looked at what I could see of myself and I was glowing very brightly. I try to breath, nothing goes in my lungs but heat. My elbows buckle.

I was pulled out so fast, it took me a couple of seconds to remember to breath. I cough as air flowed back into me and that is when I see her. A beautiful young woman in a long dress, slightly transparent and glowing white and light blue. She tells me to scream. I ask "Why"? As my brain was repeating over and over, "That just did not happen, Impossible"! I can be so stupid. "Scream now or you will be gone forever," she says. I didn't like those words. Who would? My brain finally knocks some sense into me, "You might be in trouble here. Time to call for help". It was coming back for me, I could feel it. I scream a blood curdling one. David comes running in and I am like, "Get me the #!%*@!& out of here". I am too weak to move much and he has to half drag me out. I couldn't explain what I saw, took me a long time to come to terms with it. I have seen the true face of evil. This is why I ghost hunt, I help spirits find their way to the light. What is the saying, "Evil triumphs when good people do nothing".

From the files of Gaylen Chauncey

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