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  Paranormal Societies is just a click away for locating paranormal investigators in your area


Frightened of the ghosts, shadows, and bumps in the night?  Objects being moved, voices from nowhere or orbs of light ?  Do you feel like being watched but no one is there?  Nightmares that seem so real about monsters under the bed?  Reacting to something only you can see?  Looking for someone to listen and believe? James Tyson and Dave Scott talk with researchers, investigators, psychics, witnesses and many more on paranormal, cryptozoology and extraterrestrial topics.

Field Investigator for the SML MUFON. Radio host T Fox Dunham dives deep into the paranormal with interviews and stories that will Chill you.

We are Paranormal Detectives who resolve cases of the unexplained.  Based in Roanoke, Va., but will travel outside homebase if needed.  Our service is free.     




























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